I would like to begin with a strongly worded objection to the title given to this piece. It wasn’t funny when the idea was first pitched, it’s not funny now seeing it in print. I have no problem with a good pun, but this fails to meet that standard.

*Editors Note: I have no idea what she is talking about, this is a storm in a teacup.

I’m the manager of the Action on Disability Employment Division. Our goal is to offer training, a welcoming environment and eventually permanent employment to disabled people who might otherwise struggle to enter the marketplace. We do this with the aid of universities and employers. 

It’s early days yet, but we are very pleased with how the Intern Programmme has started. For this college year we have 2 education providers: West London College and The College of North West London. The project is also supported by 3 commercial entities: L’Oreal, Charing Cross Hospital and RB Kensington and Chelsea. We have 24 young people in the program which allows us to ensure intensely focused support. 

The feeling-out process is underway. Interns are settling in at their placements and starting to understand the nature of their new jobs. The staff are getting to know the interns and finding out about the skills they have and those they need to add. We are also exploring how to help position them to attain future employment goals. 

This is not a short-term commitment.

AoD continues to support interns from past years whether they are in work or still looking. Watch this space, I’ll let you know how the year unfolds. 

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