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40th Celebration

Since 1979, Action on Disability has provided a range of high quality services, projects and programmes to disabled people in West London. We celebrate the milestone of 40 years on the frontline of the battle for disabled rights. As an organisation, we stand emboldened by our accomplishments with the determination to do more. And there is much more to do.

Our fundraising target is £115,000.



Employers in Action

At Action on Disability we believe everyone has the right to contribute to society through employment. Our Employers in Action programme embodies the idea that by convincing businesses to identify and remove barriers in their employment practices we can improve access for disabled people. Our primary focus is to win hearts and minds and to break down outdated attitudes. The effort is to promote diversity in the workplace by creating partnerships with employers who are willing to change their recruitment policies. And to encourage more inclusive and flexible ways of working.

Employers in Action is not about pointing fingers of blame. It is about the construction of a coalition. A coalition dedicated to the active pursuit of a working environment that finds place for all of its members. We will facilitate that coalition by offering our 40 years of experience in support of both the businesses and the employees involved.


December 3rd

The Future Is Accessible

H&F International day of disabled people celebration evening

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