Covid-19 Appeal Fund

Supporters of Action on Disability faced a demanding test of their knowledge on June 11th when AoD held a Quiz Evening to raise money for our Covid-19 Appeal Fund. Fifty-seven people participated in 14 teams and the prizes included a bottle of port worth £140. More than £3,600 was raised and we would like to thank everyone who generously made donations. Congratulations to the team who won the quiz. 

We are still seeking donations in order to reach our £5,000 target. The money is urgently needed to provide PPE and extra staff to help keep safe the young disabled people who will be taking part in our youth summer project. Any money you can give will make a real difference. If you wish to kindly donate, please click the button below.

Thank you for supporting Action on Disability

Appeal Fund £5,000

How your money will be spent:

The money raised by this quiz will fund AoD’s essential services during the summer. We need to raise a minimum of £5,000 to cover the additional costs created by the coronavirus. Our essential services include short breaks and holiday activity weeks for disabled children and young people and an advice and information service for disabled people using telephone and video calls.

  • £5 will pay for the personal protective equipment for one staff member or volunteer for one day. The cost to AoD of PPE until the end of August will be an estimated £1,875.
  • £12 will pay for meals and drinks for one disabled child or young person for one day. We ask parents to make a contribution to the costs but as some people have recently lost their jobs and seen a fall in their income, we expect to receive less money from parents this year than previously.
  • £94 will pay for an additional sessional worker per disabled child / young person per day. This extra support is now needed to ensure that everyone maintains social distancing rules. We need to hire an extra 8 sessional workers, costing AoD £18,800.
  • £230 will pay for an extra minibus and driver to pick up disabled young people. This is required to enable social distancing to take place duringjourneys. One week will cost £1,150 and the total cost to AoD until the end of August will be £5,750