Employer Support

Discrimination comes in many forms. The overtly confrontational hatred of the “other” is the most tangible. But equally disquieting is the casual, patronising, careless indifference of marginalisation. And while we constantly push against that reality, we also work within that environment to ease the path to gainful employment.

We create partnerships with businesses in order to advocate for a positive disability-inclusive recruitment policy. Our Equality Training is designed to break down barriers and facilitate accessibility.

One of the ways we do that is by customising the interview process. With the cooperation of the employer we can offer supported interviews for those lacking confidence and where communication is the biggest hurdle we can organize work trials.

In collaboration with businesses and universities, Action on Disability has established internships targeting young disabled people. Our support has helped those trainees make the difficult transition into employment. We currently place over 65% of our interns in permanent positions.

AoD also helps those already employed. Our consultants provide assistance with the Access to Work programme. Access to Work is a government funded initiative that provides practical and financial support to disabled people.

Without our help, even well-intentioned companies may fall short of accommodating their disabled workforce. Our knowledge and experience ensures that we can assist in navigating a path forward.        

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