Peer Support Groups

Action on Disability facilitates a range of Peer Support Groups such as; Writing for Wellbeing, Health & Wellbeing and Self-Help, Health & Food Group

The Peer support groups allow our members to get together to socialise and share knowledge.

Anyone who is registered as a member of AoD and is eighteen years or older is welcome to join our groups.

To find out more please contact us by emailing: or call 020 7385 2098

Timetable of Peer Support Groups

Self-help, Health and Food – Second Tuesday of every month from 11am to 1pm. 

Where: Meet at Action on Disability, Normand Croft Community School, Lillie Road, SW6 7SR

Writing for Well-being – Every Wednesday at 2pm. Where: Zoom online

Health and Wellbeing group – Occurs once a month

Where: Action on Disability, Normand Croft Community School, Lillie Road, SW6 7SR

*Please contact AoD to find out how to join, timetable is subject to change

The Health & Wellbeing Peer Support Group

The main aim of the Health & Wellbeing Club is to make each participant feel seen, heard, accepted, and valued.

The space is designed to inspire and motivate adults living with mental health conditions, physical impairments, and Carers to feel at ease talking about their experience, while connecting meaningfully with people who understand what they are going through.

By taking a holistic approach to the health and needs of the group, participants learn the importance of cultivating more joy and self-compassion; to slow down, re-charge, and energise. Using a wide range of healing techniques and self-soothing strategies, the workshops can teach participants how to improve and maintain positive mental health and transform their lives for the better.

  • Increase self-awareness of the mind and body;
  • Improve self-management skills;
  • Enhance communication skills with health practitioners, and wider community;
  • Increase physical activity and a reduction in self-isolation;
  • Increase self-confidence and emotional resilience;


The Health & Wellbeing Club provides a sign-posting service for support and other resources from external agencies. We meet on the third Friday of each month and are non-profit making; the £2 monthly membership pays for refreshments and a Christmas party.

Amanda Crosby – Trainer and Group Facilitator.

Writing for Wellbeing Peer Support Group

The writing for wellbeing group gets together fortnightly to write, reflect and share if in a safe space. The group is facilitated by a Counsellor. The group meets for two hours but always ensure a coffee break.

Writing for wellbeing offers participants the chance to release emotions, express unspoken thoughts and to better understand themselves. and the world around them. It can help to build confidence, spark creativity and promotes and enhances both physical and mental wellbeing.

Alongside the writing, is a process of reflecting – and, where we feel able, sharing too.  There is no emphasis on being a good writer, no emphasis on layout, punctuation or spelling. You write as you can. It is your story.

Who can attend?

Any registered member of Action on Disability, who is eighteen years or older is welcome.

The facilitator works to ensure all participants are welcome and can participate in the group.


Once we have our words in front of us, we can look over them and think on what they mean to us. Sharing these words with other people, in a safe space, can bring about new insights. Perhaps the other person notices a theme in our story that we were unaware of, and perhaps that theme can help us to understand a part of ourselves or our life that we had not understood before. It is about travelling to new places and discovering new parts of ourselves, all with the help of the humble pen and piece of paper.

Being part of a group inspires confidence, offering an opportunity for new connections and reduced isolation. Feelings are shared, stories are shared and there is lots of joy and laughter too. New friendships are often forged at the coffee breaks.

Peer Support Group Member Testimonials

Joyce – Writing for Wellbeing member

“Writing For wellbeing is wonderful and has been such a help to me. It has given me a strength I never knew I had. Through the group I have met new people and gained confidence.

I enjoy it so much and during the past months I do not know how I would have managed without Mary’s phone calls; checking in with me, listening to pieces I have written, giving me more homework… writing prompts, story ideas and poetry suggestions to read.

Due to my illness and age, I have been indoors month after month. Words alone cannot express how grateful I am, both to Mary and Action on Disability; I could not have managed without the writing group.

It has meant everything to me. Thank You”

Richard – Writing for Wellbeing member

“Action on Disability has brought me into a group that I enjoy interacting with.

The Writing Group was a complete surprise as I did not know what I was letting myself in for.”

But the small group we have are nice and Mary is wonderful.

Writing helps me relax and is something to enjoy and look forward to.

Elizabeth – Writing for Wellbeing member

“Writing for Wellbeing has given me a focus, a discipline and increased awareness of my environment and this has helped me enormously over the past months.

I have learned a greater appreciation of poetry and brain storming activities have helped my concentration and my organizational skills.

Mary is always very encouraging and patient.”

Dulce – Writing for Wellbeing member

“Since I started attending this group my levels of stress and distress went down massively. 

This group of people, type of course and Mary, all together is for me a therapy. I feel comfortable with all of them. What we share and speak and write is very relaxing for me. We don’t judge each other.”

Leslie – Writing for Wellbeing member

“A friendly class where I write stories and poetry and have the opportunity to read my pieces out loud if I wish.”

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