Online Quiz Evening

Covid-19 Appeal Fund

Thursday June 11th at 7.30pm

Join us for an evening of fun! Don’t miss out on the chance to be involved in AoD’s first ever online quiz.

There will be questions to suit a range of tastes and great prizes to win!

This quiz will be held on Thursday June 11th at 7.30pm using Zoom. You can participate either as an individual or as part of a team.

All money raised will go towards AoD’s Covid-19 Appeal Fund.

Appeal Fund £5,000


To take part, you need to do two quick things:

1. Make a donation to AoD’s Covid-19 Appeal Fund by clicking on the link below. Please give whatever you can afford. All donations, large or small, are very welcome. Every penny makes a difference to the people who use our services. Your support will help us to keep them safe, protect them from the coronavirus and save lives.

2. Register for a ticket by clicking on this link. This will automatically send us your email address and we will then email you the zoom link.

Of course, if you don’t fancy taking part in the quiz, you’re very welcome just to make a donation!

How your money will be spent:

The money raised by this quiz will fund AoD’s essential services during the summer. We need to raise a minimum of £5,000 to cover the additional costs created by the coronavirus. Our essential services include short breaks and holiday activity weeks for disabled children and young people and an advice and information service for disabled people using telephone and video calls.

  • £5 will pay for the personal protective equipment for one staff member or volunteer for one day. The cost to AoD of PPE until the end of August will be an estimated £1,875.
  • £12 will pay for meals and drinks for one disabled child or young person for one day. We ask parents to make a contribution to the costs but as some people have recently lost their jobs and seen a fall in their income, we expect to receive less money from parents this year than previously.
  • £94 will pay for an additional sessional worker per disabled child / young person per day. This extra support is now needed to ensure that everyone maintains social distancing rules. We need to hire an extra 8 sessional workers, costing AoD £18,800.
  • £230 will pay for an extra minibus and driver to pick up disabled young people. This is required to enable social distancing to take place duringjourneys. One week will cost £1,150 and the total cost to AoD until the end of August will be £5,750

By joining our Quiz Evening you will help us to cover these extra costs and make these important life-changing services possible. Please give generously!

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